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Since February 2009, the HAS Den Bosch is my new employer. I now work as a Lecturer Landscape Design! I teach Urban Planning, Participation, and Creativity. It's great fun working with students again and I love the fact that Design once more plays a substantial role in my work.

(Urban) Horticulture and Gardening are completely new fields for me, being educated and trained in IT, Architecture and Urban Planning.
I find my new colleagues very dedicated and very knowledgeable in their fields. Latin names of all sorts of plants reach my ears. I learn all about trees in gardens and public spaces. Working at HAS Den Bosch, I learn something new every day!
As a SF fan I can tell you this: it feels like landing on a different planet, but I must say that it turns out to be exploring our own earth more than ever!

2008-2009: When working at Design and Development, Heijmans Vastgoed, I learned quite a lot. Once again I have obtained a new pair of spectacles to look at the world differently!
I was coordinator of sustainable development (SD) and I worked on knowledge management (mainly digital by means of a Wiki).

It was my job to learn all I could about sustainable development and share this knowledge with our real estate developers. In a team of SD coordinators (one for each division), we have worked on the implementation of our green ambitions. Politics and strategical thinking were all part of the game.

What I liked most about my work was thinking outside the box. As Business Developer I've worked on several ideas, and some of them turned out to be quite usable for further development! The people and the atmosphere at Design and Development were very stimulating and vibrant. It is unfortunate that the credit crisis has put an end to it.

To get an impression of the kind of concepts developed at Design and Development, click on the links:

From 2004-2008, I have worked for the JANUS Institute. The aim of the JANUS institute is Research and Development on improving communication, inspiration, and participation in architectural design and urban planning. Methods and tools are developed to obtain this goal.

Examples of research themes are:

The JANUS Institute is a collaboration between De Twee Snoeken and Design Systems at TU/e.

You can view my publications in the field of Computer Aided Architectural Design (CAAD).
This research contributes to the understanding of design representations. The focus in this work lies on the role of words and associations, concentrating on the support of the architect in the early phase of the design process.

In collaboration with Pierre Leclercq, I was guest editor for a Special Issue in AIEDAM.
AIEDAM: Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Design, Analysis and Manufacturing is a journal intended to reach two audiences: engineers and designers who see AI technologies as powerful means for solving difficult engineering problems; and researchers in AI and Computer Science who are interested in applications of AI and in the theoretical issues that arise from such applications.
AIEDAM Special Issue, Spring 2007, Vol.21 No.2
Computational Linguistics for Design, Maintenance and Manufacturing